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In October 2010, Färgfabriken in conjunction with its Moldovan and Belarusian partners Oberliht and Y Gallery, conducted extensive programs on urban topologies in the capital cities of Chişinău and Minsk, which were part of a larger project called New Urban Topologies, or NUT. The participants were municipal administrators, architects, urban planners, and students, among others. The aim of the initiative was to identify ways to strengthen positive cultural values and address some of the many challenges facing the two cities. Moreover, the intent was to create an open and free platform for groups and individuals that rarely meet.

NEW URBAN TOPOLOGIES was a project about informal exchange of understanding and knowledge between independent organisations and individuals, like urban planners, environmentalist, social scientist, artists, architects, human right activists and ethnologists – within our field of interest, create a network of informal contacts among different groups. Share the knowledge, compare urban situation and discuss the possible futures. The main objective was to start a process where Färgfabriken, in collaboration with the participating partners, initiated a discussion about problems and possibilities in the cities of Chişinău and Minsk, during a short but intense time period. The results can be seen in the following publication.

You can find more information about the project here: Noi Topologii Urbane / New Urban Topologies